Aggressive Criminal Defense From A Trial Lawyer

Anyone can make a mistake, be falsely accused of committing a crime or face a criminal investigation based upon adverse circumstances out of his or her control. We all know that law enforcement actively investigates alleged crimes, but that does not mean police do not make mistakes. If you are under investigation, arrested or charged with a crime in the Louisville metro area, you have rights. These rights are intended to protect you from false accusations, overzealous investigations and the overreach of prosecutors.

Level The Playing Field Against The Power Of Prosecutors

Prosecutors wield a great deal of power. It is critical for you to have a strong trial attorney on your side to safeguard your best interests. At The Law Office of Mac Adams I focus exclusively on criminal defense. I have effectively defended against nearly every kind of criminal offense imaginable, including:

  • Sex crimes: The social stigma, the serious penalties associated with a sex offense and the sex offender registration requirements that follow a conviction for a sex crime are reason enough to retain a criminal defense attorney. I have earned a reputation for my extensive experience effectively defending against sex crimes.
  • DUI charges: A drunk driving charge is more than a glorified traffic ticket. A conviction on DUI charges can cause problems in job opportunities, professional licenses and your privilege to drive.
  • Charges filed against college students: A criminal conviction can have a significant adverse impact on educational opportunities, including your access to financial aid. My personalized approach to criminal defense is well-suited to defend college students accused of a crime.
  • Drug charges: Kentucky prosecutors pursue drug charges with vigor. Effectively defending against drug crimes in the Louisville area requires the counsel, guidance and advocacy of an experienced trial lawyer.

For more information on how my experience can help you protect your rights, send me an email or call 502-694-6858 to arrange a confidential consultation.