Protecting College Students Accused Of Crimes In Louisville

Being accused of any type of crime while attending college in the Greater Louisville metro area can abruptly derail a promising future. Simple disputes among friends, or between college rivals, can quickly escalate into an altercation. Relieving tensions downtown college finals can lead to a DUI or alcohol-related charge. A conviction in criminal court will create a permanent record that can put an end to financial aid, or show up after graduation in a criminal background check.

Mac Has Your Back

At The Law Office of Mac Adams in Louisville, Kentucky, I provide aggressive criminal defense representation for college kids to help protect their future. Anyone can make a mistake, face false allegations or find themselves between a rock and a hard place with the law. My goal is to help college kids (and their parents) get through a difficult time.

My experience in local courts and knowledge of the legal landscape in Kentucky is a clear strength of my defense practice. I get to know my clients to tailor my criminal defense strategies to match the goals and concerns of my clients. Often, charges against college students can be as effectively handled outside the courtroom in direct negotiations with prosecutors as in direct litigation in court.

Let My Trial-Proven Experience Stand Guard For Your Rights

I draw on my deep knowledge of the law and substantial experience with the entire criminal justice system to provide out-of-the-box strategies to obtain optimal results. When a reasonable solution cannot be hammered out before trial, I am a skilled trial lawyer who knows how to present a compelling defense.

College students can face any kind of charge. The most common college crimes include:

If you are a parent of a college student who is charged with an offense, or if you are directly accused of a crime in Louisville, you owe it to yourself to have a strong defense attorney in your corner. To learn how my trial experience and approach to the law can protect your future, call 502-694-6858 or contact me online.