You Can Fight DUI Charges In Louisville

It is no secret that DUI charges are among the most common criminal offenses people face in the Louisville area. But that does not mean you need a common lawyer to defend against the allegations. People from all walks of life get pulled over for DUI offenses. For college students, professionals and hardworking adults alike, there is a lot at stake. A conviction can impact every aspect of your life — even for a first-time DUI offense. Your license, your reputation, your job and your liberty are all vital concerns in the face of a drunk driving arrest. The most important decision you face today is the lawyer you choose to defend you.

Rely On An Experienced Trial Lawyer For Your DUI Defense

You need a DUI defense attorney who will do more than accept the first offer from the prosecution to move your case along. At The Law Office of Mac Adams in Louisville, Kentucky, I never take the common approach to defending against criminal charges. I start my analysis from the perspective that your constitutional rights are not just mere technicalities — they are the driving force behind my criminal defense practice.

I adamantly review every detail in the prosecution's case to find flaws and weaknesses. I never lose sight of the goal — to obtain the best outcome possible, whether that results in a positive pretrial plea agreement to protect the future of my client or dismissal of the charges. I do not fear taking a DUI charge to trial when it serves the best interests of my client. You deserve to have a lawyer in your corner who is committed to representing you diligently, defending your rights every step of the way.

Know Your Rights And Legal Options

I will explain all of your legal options. Based upon my extensive trial experience I will explain the potential risks and benefits of each course of action to allow you to make informed decisions.

If you have been arrested for DUI in the Louisville metro or surrounding communities, it is vital for you to take action as soon as possible to safeguard your rights. To arrange a confidential consultation with a trial-proven DUI defense attorney, send me an email now or call 502-694-6858. I will fight for you.