Aggressive Sex Crime Defense From A Proven Trial Lawyer

Merely being accused of a sex crime is serious. The potential for people to jump to conclusions when allegations arise is a real concern. In fact, members of law enforcement and prosecutors often jump to conclusions. A criminal investigation frequently turns into an indictment in this difficult area of law. These crimes are vigorously prosecuted and the penalties under Kentucky law are severe. A conviction may result in the requirement to register as a sex offender well into the future.

Do Not Speak To Police Without The Protection Of A Defense Lawyer

Often, police will contact an individual who is under investigation for a sexual offense to get them to explain the circumstances. It may be tempting for you to try to talk your way out of trouble, which can harm your defense. It is critical to call a criminal defense lawyer at the first sign of trouble.

The Go To Firm For Defending Against Sex Crimes

Defending against a sex crime is complex. Prosecutors pursue sex offenses with a great deal of vigor. These kinds of cases often need to go to trial. The Law Office of Mac Adams has earned a reputation in the Louisville area as the go to criminal defense resource for my knowledge of the particular nuances in defending against sex crimes and my experience in trying these cases before a jury. Other attorneys frequently refer clients, or call me for guidance in defending against sex crimes charges. My experience and aggressive representation can be your advantage in protecting your rights.

I know how to investigate, prepare and present a strong defense to a wide range of allegations, including:

  • Rape charges
  • Date rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Sodomy allegations
  • Child sex cases
  • Child porn charges
  • Sex abuse
  • Sexual misconduct

If you are accused of a sex crime, do not take chances with your defense. You need a lawyer who is ready, willing and able to go the extra mile to protect your rights. If the case needs to be tried before a jury, it takes a deft hand to know how to cross examine witnesses and present a compelling defense in these sensitive cases. I have extensive experience effectively trying these cases in court.

Personalized Legal Counsel Delivered Without Judging You

Moreover, the criminal process can be overwhelming for people accused of a crime. When you work with me to defend against charges, I remain accessible every step of the way to guide you through the process. I will explain your rights, the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor's case in straightforward terms. You need a lawyer who is willing to explain what they are doing for you and why, so you can be involved in your defense.

If you are under investigation or formally charged with a sex crime, do not wait to start on your defense. Call 502-694-6858 or send me an email now to take the first step in protecting your rights.